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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's all in how you say it ...

A few weeks ago my sweet little man said to me, out of the blue with no prompting, "I love you, Mommy!". I thought maybe it was just a fluke but yesterday (what a great day!), several times during the day I said "I love you!" and he quickly responded, "I love you too, Mommy!". While we were in the grocery store several times he requested "More loves!" and would give me a great big hug! And lately he's actually been climbing up on my lap to sit while I read him a story. Okay, some of you are saying, so, big deal. But it IS a big deal because my little guy historically has not been a cuddly lover. Can I tell you how exciting this is for me!?! Ever since I started getting nieces and nephews my favorite thing to do was snuggle up with a baby and have them either fall asleep or just sit in my lap and melt right in. Not to mention how awesome I thought it would be to be able to do that with my own baby. Well, 30 plus years later I finally get my wish! LOL

On another note, I'm sure you've all noticed in previous posts how homesick I am for California and how much I want to move back there. My DH and I have had several conversations about it, some even serious but all still just talk right now. My poor SIL, who is moving to Arizona, would love it if we would move in to her house but I told her I'm not moving again unless it's to California. Okay, there are other reasons for us not to move in to her house (nothing bad, just preferences, her house is awesome!!!) but you get the idea. Anyway, last night my DH comes home from work and says to me, "How would you feel about moving to Bountiful?". Of course my first thought is, ONLY IF BOUNTIFUL IS IN CALIFORNIA!!!!! To give you a little background, my husband and a few other guys have started their own sales company and right now it's based in Bountiful so it's not like he pulled this out of ... you know ... LOL So, after thinking about it for a few minutes I told my DH that I would only move to Bountiful if he made enough money for me to spend all summers from here until the end of time in Tahoe. He just looked at me and said, "Wow ... that's a lot of money." Bless his heart. At least he's not asking me to move to Magna.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Funny words

Okay all you moms, dads, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., now is your chance to share the funniest word your child, niece, nephew, cousin, friend's child has ever come up with. You know what I'm talkin' about: pacifier = binky, lovey = fluvvy, etc. My son loves tomatoes. Whenever he sees me cutting them up he climbs up on the barstool and says, over and over until I acknowledge him, "Mommy, more tee-tee-toe?" How adorable is that? And of course tomatoes will always and forever be tee-tee-toes in our house. So come on, click on "post comment" and share your silly words!

Virtual Tour

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Okay, so this is the remake, I guess. My friend Amy has never seen my house so I took some pictures and made a cool little slideshow. Then some other people (I won't name names, mom and Marcy) wanted to know where everyone slept and were worried about people not getting the full effect. So. Here it is. Again. Bigger. Better. Oscar worthy.

P.S. There are four bathrooms total but I figure if you've seen one bathroom, you've pretty much filled your quota.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Little Sweetheart

Okay, tell me this isn't the cutest thing you've ever heard. Tonight when my DH came home my little guy got so excited and ran to the door to greet him. He ran outside and gave daddy a big hug and kiss. I went outside as well to help my DH with the sprinklers (now that's a whole other bag of worms). Anyway, as we were going back inside the house my DH came over to me and gave me a kiss hello. My little guy, seeing this, ran over to me saying "My kisses, my kisses!" and planted a big one on me. I almost got a tear in my eye. He has been saying the cutest (and darnedest) things lately. Whenever he gets excited about something, like mac and cheese for example, he shouts, "Mac and cheese! Yippeeeeeeee!" Yesterday morning he got frustrated trying to put his color wonder pens end to end and I heard him out in the living room saying, "Dammit!". I have absolutely no idea where he learned that word (Melissa). Oh, did I type that out loud? Because he certainly would never hear something like that from me. When I told him we don't say that he said, "OH MY GOSH!" and looked at me to make sure that was okay to say. One of my favorite things he does is sing under his breath. The other day I heard him singing to one of his little shows but as soon as he saw me notice him he stopped. It was so darn cute! Because, of course, he's the cutest little boy in the whole world!!!

This IS like a cocaine addiction ... I'm guessing

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Be smarter than the slide show ...

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I finally figured it out! YAY ME! Let's get this party started!


'Nuff said!

Goin' Back To Cali

LL Cool J said it best, don't you think? I've known all along that you can take the girl out of Cali but you can't take Cali out of the girl. This last trip has definitely proved that. What a wonderful 2 1/2 weeks! The first leg of the trip was spent in Tahoe (Heaven on earth for those of you who don't already know), the middle part spent in Sacramento and the tail end back in Tahoe.
We had soooooo much fun spending time with family and friends! A special thanks goes to Marcy for the gracious way she handled icky laundry duty! My little guy still talks about Megan and the tea party and thinks every tall, slender, bald guy is Arron! LOL We also loved going to the Sacramento Zoo and Fairy Tale Town. I would say the monkeys were the hands down favorite. Right, Marcy? Thank goodness this trip didn't involve any unfortunate monkey mayhem. All in all it was so much fun to see all the kids having a great time and getting along so well with each other. One thing I learned for sure, travelling with a two year old is not my idea of a RELAXING vacation. "Mommy, I don't want!" Even so, I cried as we drove out of Tahoe on our way back to Utah. Fortunately, my dear husband was not in the same car with me at the time, not that he doesn't already know I'm a dork. LOL Who knows, I may be a Cali girl in body as well as in spirit in the not too distant future. Make of that what you will! ;-) So Cindy, Cheryl, Denise, and Tami, I'll send you my husband's e-mail address to give him a little incentive. Just be gentle.
Okay my demanding fans, I have officially gotten my blog started. Once I figure out how to do slide shows it'll be a party!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Thanks to my sis-in-law Melissa for getting me started! Now I'm subject to the pressure of keeping this up. My husband says blogging is like a cocaine addiction. We'll have to see about that. LOL As soon as I can I'll get pictures posted for all those who want a peek at my life ... such as it is. But I know you'll all log on just to see my handsome little man and I'm okay with that. Until my next post ...