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Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Little Sweetheart

Okay, tell me this isn't the cutest thing you've ever heard. Tonight when my DH came home my little guy got so excited and ran to the door to greet him. He ran outside and gave daddy a big hug and kiss. I went outside as well to help my DH with the sprinklers (now that's a whole other bag of worms). Anyway, as we were going back inside the house my DH came over to me and gave me a kiss hello. My little guy, seeing this, ran over to me saying "My kisses, my kisses!" and planted a big one on me. I almost got a tear in my eye. He has been saying the cutest (and darnedest) things lately. Whenever he gets excited about something, like mac and cheese for example, he shouts, "Mac and cheese! Yippeeeeeeee!" Yesterday morning he got frustrated trying to put his color wonder pens end to end and I heard him out in the living room saying, "Dammit!". I have absolutely no idea where he learned that word (Melissa). Oh, did I type that out loud? Because he certainly would never hear something like that from me. When I told him we don't say that he said, "OH MY GOSH!" and looked at me to make sure that was okay to say. One of my favorite things he does is sing under his breath. The other day I heard him singing to one of his little shows but as soon as he saw me notice him he stopped. It was so darn cute! Because, of course, he's the cutest little boy in the whole world!!!


Melissa said...

Dammit! That is so cute! I have no idea where he gets that word from Dammit. I never say that damn word. Try blaming someone else dammit! It's not me!

Amy said...

Awwww! What a cute picture of your handsome men! You should post a picture of your house. I still haven't seen it yet!!

Marcy said...

what does DH stand for?