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Sunday, July 6, 2008

And now it begins

Wow ... I thought I might escape this portion of the toddler years but no. Today it happened. My little guy actually took off his diaper - in public - with an audience. Someone even had the courtesy to supply the strip music. Thankfully he was only in the backyard (which doesn't have a fence, by the way) but you know where this will lead. Next it will be the little moon seen as it disappears down the street. And it WILL happen, it's just a matter of when. The little Houdini can even open the doors with the child proof knob cover thingies on them. And door locks? ... fuh-get about it. Oh how I yearn for the good ol' immobile days.

Speaking of which ... check this out ------------>
How is it that he can get in to these predicaments (well, predicament for me, not for him) in such a gall-blasted hurry? Cold pizza for breakfast anyone? If I'm trying to get ready in the morning I have to go out every five minutes just to see what hi-jinks are ensuing and I'm floored by what can happen in those five minutes (see pickle post below). And people wonder why it takes me so long to get ready. (I can hear it now, all the people who know me are shouting at their monitors, "She's been taking forever to get ready for as long as I can remember!") Well, now I have a legitimate excuse.

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