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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blogging, Mommy! It's really really fun!

My son the performer. LOL If you pay close attention you can see/hear him doing his "Ta-da!" at the very beginning. Notice his "thumbs up" stance. He uses his pointer fingers instead which totally cracks me up cuz it's so him. He can't quite get the coordination of tucking in all his fingers and leaving his thumbs out. Too funny.

We had another water day yesterday but this time we got out the old inflatable wading pool. Just so you know, I didn't blow it up manually, I used an airbed pump. Unfortunately the top tube wouldn't stay inflated but fun was still had by all.
Boy does my little guy know how to work his mommy. The only reason I got the pool out yesterday is because he kept saying, "Swimming, Mommy! It's really really fun!" Not just one really, but two reallys. Once he even got five reallys in there. And of course the whole time I'm getting it set up he's giggling like a looney cuz he's so excited. So now every time he wants to do something he adds, "It's really really fun!", as if that's all the explanation you need.

What I really wanted is an explanation for this ... it looks like Tigger is being mauled by the contents of the empty drawer. This is actually what I found after sending my son to his room for a time out. He was screaming about something that I can't remember so I told him to go to his room until he was done crying and this was his response. Wow, imagine what he's gonna do when he gets grounded and can't use the car. YIKES!

1 comment:

Marcy said...

If that's all it takes do you think it could work on the CA Dream. "CA, DH. It's really, really fun". I'm guessing you would be willing to add as many reallys as it would take!

Adorable son, by the way. I love the picture of mauled Tigger (Megan has learned who Pooh and the gang are and if she sees them she SCREAMS "Wee-ee da pooh!"), but my favorites are the smile on his face in the pool and the totally cool thumbs (I mean fingers) up in the video.