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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Do It Yourself my @%&

I found out today that I'm definitely NOT a diy kind of girl. And where does Trading Spaces get off making it look so easy!?! They are a bunch of sadistic you-know-whats on that show. To clarify, we bought a toddler bed for my little guy a while ago with the intent of staining it to match the other furniture in his room. It's from IKEA so after we get it stained we also have to put it together. We really got serious about getting it finished because my monkey boy has climbed both out of AND in to his crib this week. First of all two words: GAS MASK! and b: can you say "Pay someone else to do it"? I thought it would be a great project for my DH and I to do together. Yeah right. He does the sanding (with an electric hand sander we rented) which takes all of fifteen minutes and then takes the sander back to Home Depot leaving me to do the rest all by myself! That includes putting away all the stuff HE left out. Bless his heart. Needless to say the bed is only getting one coat of stain and if it looks really bad in the room then I'm making my DH take me to buy new furniture to match it.

On a lighter note, my little guy calls it Deepee Home (instead of Home Depot) and popsicles are poc-i-sels. Once he was even able to make popsicle in to a four syllable word. He's so talented! And I can't believe how friendly he is! He says hello to everyone and yesterday when the next door neighbor guy came home he ran over to say hello and told him, "I missed you!" There are so many things my little guy says that just crack me up, even when they shouldn't. Tonight when my DH left to go to the Good Charlotte concert my little guy got upset that daddy was leaving him. He asked me where was daddy going and when I told him daddy was going to a concert he said, "Oh crap". If you could only hear the way he says it, you wouldn't be able to stop from laughing either so don't judge me! LOL

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