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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Do you hear what I hear?

Okay ... if I were to take a poll on my singing I'm pretty confident that at least 75% of those polled would be in favor of it. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but in my lifetime I have been told that I sing like an angel. Granted my voice hasn't been quite the same since my little guy came along but never once have I heard dogs (or any other animal for that matter) howling in the background. And when he was a baby, a few sweet notes from mommy would stop my little guy's tears. So can someone tell me why now, out of the blue, my little guy gets extremely upset when I'm doing my Sheryl Crow impersonation. "No, mommy, no!!!" You would think I was poking needles in his ear. Of course my response to this is, "Mommy can sing if she wants!" at which point I just start singing louder. Then the dancing starts. And if I'm perfectly honest with myself, it's against this display of agonizing-to-watch body convulsions that my son should be protesting. I try not to take it personally because, come on, this coming from someone whose tastes run to Jack's Big Music Show and Wow Wow Wubbzy.

And on a different note ... my little guy loves pickles! Yesterday I walked in to the kitchen and there he was, enjoying the kosher dill with great gusto. You must realize that he actually got the fridge open, got the big jar of pickles up on the counter, got the lid off and the pickle out of the jar. A few days before that I caught him at the kitchen counter with the jar of pickles but the lid was still on. Later that day my DH opened said pickle jar and lo and behold, he pulled out TWO partially eaten pickles. Which means pickle boy got the fridge open, got the big jar of pickles up on the counter, got the lid off, gnawed on a couple of pickles, put them back in the jar and then got the lid back on so we'd be none the wiser. What's up with that!?! He's only two!

1 comment:

Marcy said...

Whoa! Ok, for starters, you have a smart, tricky one on your hands and I would suggest you start chanelling that trickiness now before it turns on you! Second, I remember Megan crying like she was hurt when I started belting to Mama Mia (or something similar)...I was very offended...so now I just save it for the shower! No worries...you DO sing like an angel and I'm with you...sing if you want (although it sounds like the dancing should be left to behind closed doors)!