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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hell's Angel (mostly angel)

Please, no one have a heart attack (mom), he's only sitting on the bike. Which, by the way, he calls "Daddy's beautiful bike". Last week my DH bought this machine to "save on gas" but come on, who does he think he's kidding? We all know he bought it purely for the "b****in' factor". LOL (Sorry mom, that's not really a bad word, I promise!) Next thing you know, he'll be wearing a do-rag and sportin' a tat! (My DH, not my little guy, in case there was any question). But don't worry, I will not be dyeing my hair blond or donning leathers any time soon.


The Stephens Family said...

Looks like little boy heaven! My big boys would be quite jealous!

Marcy said...

Grandma's going to be so mad! He sure is an angel!

Linda said...

How cute! You are really blessed to have a wonderful husband and a beautiful child. Who could ask for anything more! (Cousin Linda (Wilkinson) Seamons)