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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm a fish!

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Wow! Today we went to the pool (Desert Peak near Tooele) and despite my misgivings we had an awesome time! I don't always judge correctly how my little guy will react to things so when we decided to have a swim day I was tempted to pass. Okay, if I'm being honest with my self that's not the only reason I was gonna bail. Just so not in the mood to chase a two-year-old around a small body of water and multiple obstacles! I was very pleasantly surprised at how the trip actually turned out (it helps to have several people along to be in the eagle eye brigade). From the minute we got there my little guy was in absolute heaven. Can you say NO FEAR! Which scares me to death! He went right in the water without thinking twice and wouldn't come out for nothin'! Well, he did have to come out when the life guards called a 10 minute recess but we had to chase my little guy all around the pool to keep him from going back in before time. And then there's the deep end - he spent a majority of his pool time trying to get to where the big kids were. Quite often I get a flash-ahead to what life is going to be like down the road and today was one of those times. Maybe I should take out a life insurance policy on my little guy. LOL

My in-laws have been in town for the past week and I'm pretty sure my little guy has them wrapped around his finger. Which is so not a bad thing! Grandma even volunteered to be the bring along nanny whenever we decide to go to Disneyland. I'd buy that for a dollar! He is going to miss them so much when they go home! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Shanks for such an awesome time and all the good grub!

In closing I'd like to say, "The California Dream is not dead!" We broached the subject of breaking our lease with the landlord and it's a no go. She will only let us leave for Bountiful if we get someone to take our place - which is going to be harder than it looks because our landlord is no Glenda the Good Witch. But probably by the time we're ready to move to California our lease will be up so there! (Notice the optimistic thinking). In the meantime, I've eyelash batted my way in to a trip to Apple Hill for my birthday (Cindy and Cheryl need to pick a day!) so life is good!


Marcy said...

Sure looks like you had a great time...well, I mean it looks like HE had a great time!!

Melissa said...

I am so proud of you! You ACTUALLY kind of in a way scrapbooked! Wow. You are growing up so big. I need a tissue.