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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Why I became a mother ...

Let me preface the following story with this statement from my husband: "This is why I'm glad I work full time out of the home!" (Followed by a good belly laugh). And now I begin the tale. It starts with my little guy supposedly in his bed taking a nice nap, complete with sweet dreams. I hear a little noise through the baby monitor and figured it was just part of the dream and that he was going to just go back to sleep. So I listened for a little while longer and it became obvious that he was not going back to sleep. Then it turned a little distressed, "Help! Help! Help!" At this point I'm thinking he's trying to climb out of his crib and got "high-centered" (ouch!) but when I open the door, there is my little guy laying face down in the crib with only his arms in his shirt which is up around his neck and has him immobilized. That's not the best part. The rest of him is completely naked and ... you guessed it ... poop is everywhere. Well, maybe not everywhere but, FOR ALL INTENSIVE PURPOSES (Melissa, show this to Scott), it may as well have been. Things just automatically become exponentially magnified when poop is involved. I know some of you are saying, "Didn't he do this once before and you thought it was hysterical and you took pictures?" Yes, yes I did, but you must realize that was back when he was much smaller and wasn't eating such a wide variety of foods. The bigger they are, the less funny it becomes. Although I did get a good chuckle out of the struggle with his shirt. I know, I'm a mean mom but give me a break, a girl has to find a little levity somewhere. You can only get so much distance out of poop being funny and then it's just not. Anyway, I think I'm gonna go have a bowl of guacamole.

1 comment:

Holt Family said...

Hilarious. I think anyone who has kids has a good poop story. That one is GREAT!! I am so sorry for you (chuckle chuckle). Joys of parenthood!