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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another poop story

I'll sure be glad when my little guy is potty trained. I've put him on the potty a couple of times but nothing has happened so we'll have to keep trying. However, this morning, bright and early as usual, my little guy came in to my room but instead of his usual, "Good morning, mommy!" I get a hand in my face along with the word, "Sticky!" My first thought is chocolate of course but I know that all of the chocolate is out of his reach and none of the cupboard/pantry/frig doors are open. So, I grabbed his hand and took a big whiff and EWWWWWWWW! You guessed it ... poop. Nice huh? We marched to the sink and washed up then to the changing table for a clean diaper and next an inspection of the bed. Fortunately he only got poop on the little blanket he used to try to wipe off his hand. I don't know what possessed my little guy to stick his hands down his pants in the first place. It must be a guy thing.

1 comment:

The Reese Family said...

A little advice that worked for me..If he still fits into those onsies (cool boy ones of course), the kinds that snap between the legs, BUY A TON and keep him in them until he can no longer fit them. and then get some long sleeved ones for winter. Alex was always doing that (GROSS!) and this totally helped because those things are hard for them to unbutton by themselves! Worth a shot!