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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On closer inspection ...

Double EWWWWWW! I went back in to my little guy's room to put something away and happened to glance at his bed again. Good thing I did. There was poop on the guard rail and a little bit on his bedspread. Although on the bedspread it might have been just chocolate from the ice cream bar he snuck out of the freezer Sunday morning. Let me point out that I had left my little guy home with daddy while I went to church because he was sick and the ice cream bar heist occurred after I was gone. Apparently not as sick as he would have us think.

I know this pic is a little fuzzy but it's good enough for our purposes here today. Yes friends and neighbors, that is permanent marker on his lower lip. He's calling daddy to tell him about it. And it's probably still going to be there when we go on our trip in a few days. But on the bright side, I'm sure he had fun coloring.

1 comment:

Motherhood for Dummies said...

wow, he is really dedicated to his art. :)