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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We Need A House In Tahoe!

Who's with me? If we all pool our money together we can do it! We had such a wonderful time even though we were there for just a few short days. Okay, so the first and last legs of the trip weren't all that great (who invented layovers for a flight that takes less than an hour and a half!?!) but the inbetween was, you know what I'm gonna say so say it with me ... HEAVEN ON EARTH!!! We took my nephew up with us as our "manny" and I think that was the best idea I ever had! My little guy absolutely loved being with him and I think the feeling was mutual. They had such a great time together and I can't tell you how wonderful it was to be able to have time with just my DH and me. When we took my nephew home on our way back to the airport my little guy kept saying "Come on, Peter, come on!" and when Peter didn't, he started to cry. And I couldn't convince anyone to let Peter come live with me. What's up with that? Anyway, as you can see in my slideshow we spent a wonderful day on the lake. Can you believe boat gas is $6/gal!?! If it weren't for that I think we'd still be out there. That night my DH and I had a wonderful dinner at the marina where we had our wedding reception. We sat out on the patio and just enjoyed each other and the beautiful evening! It wasn't too cold and it certainly wasn't too hot, just the perfect in between. Then we drove around the marina neighborhood picking out houses we wanted to live in and watched the sun set from a pier on the beach. After that we went to see Dark Knight. I know, kinda weird to go to a movie on vacation but we rarely get to do it at home so it was a real treat! The next day was golf day. I rode along in the cart with my DH and had a fabulous time. The course runs along the lake and there's tons of small wildlife and pine trees which makes it smell soooooooooo good and clean! After the grueling 4 1/2 hours of golf (LOL) my DH and I came back and went to the spa next door for a couples massage. Mmmmmmmmm ... nothin' like feeling all jello-y. That evening all of us went out to dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe. Always good and always fun. Then it was on our way home in the morning. We dropped off my nephew and then on to the airport where we came close to missing our flight. Which would have been fine except for all those dumb adult obligations at home. Now we're back in to our daily routine and counting down the days to our next trip to Tahoe!


The Stephens Family said...

So...we were just in Utah and I was feeling so bad that I didn't think to get your phone number from someone so that I could stop by and say "Hi!" Now that I know you were in California while I was in Utah, I can stop feeling like such a loser! Hope you guys had a fabulous time - I'm sure you did - and kudos to taking along the manny. Here's to Peter...and seperate rooms, I hope! :)

The Stephens Family said...

Oh, and let us know when you get the house in Tahoe...We'd love to rent it for a week!

Melissa said...

Count me in for the house too... oh, except I don't have any money to contribute. LOL. But I would come visit you there... like the whole summer. I'm MELTING!! :)

Miss you!