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Monday, August 4, 2008

We Reap What We Sow

Nice, huh? This is what I get for putting locks on the doors to the outside. Next I'll have to start putting locks on the inside doors. Way to redirect, little guy. Notice the WHOLE bag of uncooked angel hair pasta in the lower right hand corner. And the rest of the Easter candy I thought I had thrown away. Thank Heavens he didn't pull out the Easter basket grass and play ticker tape parade with it. All this being done before mommy and daddy woke up this morning. He's like a little stealth bomber! We call him our little "shock and awe".


Melissa said...

I am starting to wonder if you even WATCH that child of yours. I mean, really! Are you sure you aren't just locking yourself in your closet rocking back and forth while drinking a glass of vodka? Oh yeah - sorry. That would be my brother's MO.

Marcy said...

I can hardly stop laughing long enough to type anything!! What are you going to do with this child as he grows...seriously so smart! And self entertaining. My mother-in-law says she used to lay in bed int he a.m. in the "doze" stage and she would listen to her then 2 year old drag the kitchen chair across the floor and she could time it right to know how much time she had before she had to actually get out of bed to stop the mess before it happened. They locked their pantry and when the same kid was only a few years older she woke once to him glaring at her and he just said "give me the key"!!