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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ed Roland is on my list

I almost don't know where to start. We had such a great time at this concert. One of my favorite bands, ladies and gentlemen ... COLLECTIVE SOUL! The only thing wrong with this evening was the fact that we were in Wendover. I kept having to remind myself we weren't in Tahoe. Kinda sad but we still had an awesome time! At one point security was going to bust a guy for taking pictures but Ed (the lead singer) said it was fine, we could take all the pics we wanted. So I did. You can't really tell but in the third pic Ed is pointing at me and doing the two fingers eye-to-eye gesture cuz he saw me taking a pic. It was soooo cool cuz we like, had a moment, ya know?
Unfortunately I didn't figure out how to zoom in with my cell phone camera until after the concert was over, otherwise these pics would have been Life Magazine worthy. Afterwords we had a pretty good dinner at the Coco Palms in Peppermill then went back to our room and watched the movie Baby Mama. Very cute! In the morning it was back to reality. One thing for sure, I did not cry when we left Wendover. During the concert Ed announced this was their last show for the winter but that they would be working on a new album to come out in the spring and then back on tour. Woo Hoo!!! I'll be able to use the zoom! I strongly suggest that you pick up a few of their current cd's, especially their latest one AFTERWORDS, and then check out the new one when it's released. I'm sure it's going to be awesome! And that way you can all go to the concert with us the next time they're in town. It's a date!!!

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Kim said...

Oh...my...gosh!!! Janet, is that you? This blogging world is something else. Kim (Boden) Verdoorn here. I've wondered about you. So happy to see what's been happening with you and what a beautiful baby boy you have!