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Friday, September 26, 2008

Holy pyro, Batman!

Okay, so there weren't actually any flames but still ... This morning while I was getting cleaned up to go to the store my little guy went out to the garage and poured gasoline all over the floor. Five minutes, people, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much can be done in just five minutes.


Melissa said...

OMG Seriously! I have never been one for those baby leashes - you know, the ones where you strap it around their waist. I think they are degrading. And borderline abuse. However, I am thinking you need to get something to lock him in while you are getting ready. It's all in protecting your house from fire, cute boy getting hurt and making it so mommy doesn't have to be admitted to the crazy house. :)

The Reese Family said...

Glad he didn't attempt to drink it! I think Alex probably would have... Did I ever tell you that Alex once got his hands on bleach & poured it all over his bedroom, with dark brown carpet...yeah, not good. You're not alone.... :D

Holt Family said...

AHH! Scary. I am so glad you caught him and nothing happened. I'm with Melissa on the locking up thing but I wonder...can anything hold him? Good luck!