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Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's a sin to be this cute

If you can't tell, he's posing. I guess that's better than not letting me take the picture. For some reason I have yet to discern, my little guy has a "thing" for my shoes. Lately his big thing is picking out some for me to wear and then getting them on my feet without me falling over. It may not necessarily be the shoes specifically, it may just be that he likes to take them all out of their boxes. Whichever is the case, I have to straighten my closet on a daily basis. This morning I got off pretty easy, I just have to figure out how far the Tigger slippers migrated.

It's so cute how the little ones adapt words to their own meanings. When he's sad my little guy says, "I'm so sorry, Mommy", or when he's mad at me he'll say (at the top of his lungs, no less), "You need to take a nap!". Because I'm constantly telling him to scoot back from the TV he always tells me to "Scoot back" when he wants me to move over. My favorite is when he tells me he loves me he tacks on "too" at the end, even when he says it first.

Lately my little guy has really started to sing, actual words with a somewhat off-key tune. It started with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I would sing a line and at the end I would stop and he would sing the last few words. So I started doing that with other songs we sing together. I was so surprised at how much of the songs he remembered because I didn't think he was paying attention. Most of the time he would yell at me for singing and tell me to stop. He's even learning the ABC's song (Grandma R you'd be so proud!). Now I just have to teach him his colors. Everything used to be blue but now everything is green. Although today while we were in the car he did point to the truck in front of us and say, "Blue truck!" And it just so happened that it was actually a blue truck. Maybe there's hope for him yet. LOL


The Reese Family said...

That pic is so sweet! At least he's liking to try on your shoes, and not your lingerie...HAHA! I used to sing "I am a child of God" to Alex every night before bed when he was about 2...he never sang along, just listened...and then one day while he was playing he sang all 3 verses, totally out of the blue! They do pay attention! ;)

Marcy said...

I say let him stick with the green. I would love it if everything in my world was green! Megan's first song was Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star too! Now she's singing the Disney Christmas songs that Courtney has insisted on playing...at least by christmas she'll really have them down!