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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The rest of the list

Sean Connery
Will Smith
David Boreanaz

And the person I would switch teams for ... Sandra Bullock.

Let me know who is on YOUR list!


Anonymous said...

My list:

Alicia Keys
Sarah McClachlan
Angelina Jolie - pre Brad Pitt wird stuff
Carrie Underwood
Nina from the first season of 24

No switching teams here no matter how hot Sean Connery is...

The Reese Family said...

I'll totally get back to you on this one...I can't think of their names!

Aunt Becky said...


Tommy Lee (guilty pleasure)
The blonde guy from House

Man, I'm blocked today or something. Normally I could fill your comment block with something.

Melissa said...

Sandra Bullock? Seriously?? Okay... my list

Justin Timberlake (don't judge me)
Tommy Lee
David Ghan (Depeche Mode)
Brad Pitt
George Clooney
Josh Duhamel

Girl Team:

Jessica Alba
Jessica Biehl

Is it creepy that I could go on?